Thermoform PVC Pipe Lining

An Ideal solution to an
old infrastructure problem

We are proud to be the first company on Vancouver Island to offer Thermoform PVC pipe lining, an alloy pipe lining system unique for trenchless rehabilitation. We are fully trained and accredited for this highly specialized and environmentally-friendly work.

With an endless amount of ageing pipe infrastructure in cities, towns, and municipalities people are seeking a new and reliably consistent solution to an old problem. Thermoform is a technological advancement that offers an ideal solution.

Fitting PVC Pipe Lining: How it Works

Thermoform PVC pipe lining is a solution for rehabilitating existing sewer pipes and underground drainage with its flexible SDR35, easily manipulated material that expands with steam to fit the original host pipe.

Unlike regular PVC pipe fittings, Thermoform will fit tightly to any pipe infrastructure including any changes in the dimension or shape of the original host pipe. It is extruded while hot and folded, shaped and wrapped onto a transportation coil that is then delivered to the site for application. Steam warms the material to be pliable for winching through the host pipe and once inserted it is heated once more with steam while pressurized to form to the original pipe as needed. The thermoform material locks into imperfections and once chilled becomes solid for a seamless fit.

Sizing of PVC Pipe Lining

Sizes range from 4” (100mm) to 36” (900mm) with a thickness that varies depending on the application. The flexibility of Thermoform can meet your needs for any sizing of PVC pipe lining required.

Environmental Care

The installation doesn’t rely on any chemical reactions, and the product is non-toxic. There are no water-soluble chemicals in the materials, and when the piping is used for trenchless rehabilitation it presents zero harmful emissions.

Questions about our Thermoform PVC pipe lining services? Let us know, or request a proposal for your next infrastructure project.