Health & Safety

At Leuco Construction, we ensure that qualified, competent personnel carry out the needs of each project in a safe and efficient manner. Our superintendent manages health and safety on job sites to comply with all local government regulations, bylaws, codes and standards applicable to each project.

Leuco Construction Inc. (LCI) is committed to a comprehensive safety management system that protects our personnel, subcontractors, visitors and property. The system is also intended to protect the environment, others’ property and the general public from incidents.

Our Workplace Health
& Safety Commitment

Personnel at every level are responsible and accountable for the company’s workplace health and safety initiatives and performance.

Management plays a key role in safety at Leuco by providing resources, tools and equipment with the necessary training required, while supporting and nurturing the initiatives of our employees to improve safety in the workplace.

Supervisors are committed to building a safe work site by being visible and approachable while coaching workers directly through required task procedures, practices, and guidelines.

Workers are responsible for following safe work procedures, practices, and guidelines while wearing the personal protective equipment required by the job and following the defined rules. They are aware of their actions and the actions of their fellow workers.